Proffer Productions has been a family-run video production company from the beginning; but it took many steps and chapters of technology to get to where we are today:

Two generations working under one roof in downtown Kansas City.

Drives and Tapes

Don Proffer founded Proffer Productions in 1978 in his attic— now it spans three floors in downtown Kansas City. We’ve gone from reel-to-reel to social media, with stops at every technology along the way. But our mission has always been clear. Proffer Productions is and has always been a communication partner.

We don’t come to clients with requirements; we meet them where they are and design content that inspires the response they’re looking for. We build awareness, raise money, sell products, and connect people to what they want, using a process that has changed, and for the better.

In the social media age, we are the video partner for our clients’ most engaging moments.