20-foot-tall Wreathes and Other Surprises

Posted on Nov 25, 2016 | No Comments
20-foot-tall Wreathes and Other Surprises

Someone has put a 20-foot-tall Christmas wreath smack-dab in the center of your shot. This happens sometimes. This is where flexibility comes in, because nothing dates a video quite like a 20-foot-tall Christmas wreath.

Here’s the thing, though: We often wish we just had to worry about gigantic stage props on our shoots. Far more pernicious are the aspects of video production that may be harder to work around.

What’s that humming sound? You ask. Probably the intolerably loud HVAC system that is present in many industrial settings. When we’re lucky we can either turn it off completely, switch to a microphone that has a shorter recording range, or work on the audio quality when we’re back in the edit suite. But the best option is to find a better location.

Rain is another deal-breaker. Weddings and video productions are two events you can’t depend on the weather for; high definition cameras are not really built for hurricane-force winds. In those situations, we keep our equipment safe, and work with our clients to come up with suitable alternatives.

And once we had to take a shoot outside (on a sunny day) because the arched ceilings on the set were acting like an echo chamber.

Never underestimate the power of sound quality, and pad a little more time into all of your shoots.

Post by Ben.

Photo of the incredible set of Kansas City Repertory Theatre’s A Christmas Carol designed by John Ezell courtesy KC Rep.