Sometimes (often) less is more

Posted on Oct 5, 2016 | No Comments
Sometimes (often) less is more

A few weeks ago we were asked to make a video for a nonprofit organization. The organization already had a video, but they felt like it wasn’t working. So of course the first thing we did was watch the video. It was well made by an experienced producer working with good equipment. It covered all of the message points. So what was missing?

Ironically, the problem wasn’t what was missing. It was that the video did too much. It was too long. It had too many visual effects. Its style distracted from the message and made it hard for viewers to feel what the nonprofit’s clients feel – both before and after they become involved with the organization. The impact of the organization at a personal level didn’t come through.

We make videos for a lot of nonprofits. It’s virtually an essential medium for them because video reaches viewers’ emotions better than any other media. But they need to remember that hearing a story from people who live it— unscripted and from the heart— may not be pretty, but it’s powerful. Seeing, hearing, and feeling what people can do for one another is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes we need to shine a light on that and get out of the way.

Post by Molly.

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