The Future Looks Murky: Here’s How to Prepare

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The Future Looks Murky: Here’s How to Prepare

This bright new year may see significant changes to people’s healthcare benefits. President-elect Trump has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and experts think this could mean millions of people losing their health coverage; significant changes to Medicaid; or any number of difficult alternatives.

We just don’t know— and that’s scary.

It’s going to be hard. People are going to be tired; and if you’re in the health field, it will be more important than ever to have a strong brand that is automatically registered as “the answer” to people’s health questions.

If you have a strong brand that is associated with high performing medicine, making your services easily accessible and your marketing persistent and dependable will be an even bigger advantage in the months ahead. Because, when making decisions, people don’t work as hard as many marketers think they do. Or more specifically, their brain usually goes with the path of least effort. From a recent article in the Harvard Business Review:

The brain, it turns out, is not so much an analytical machine as a gap-filling machine: It takes noisy, incomplete information from the world and quickly fills in the missing pieces on the basis of past experience. Intuition— thoughts, opinions, and preferences that come to mind quickly and without reflection but are strong enough to act on— is the product of this process.

Customers aren’t so much loyal as literally brain-trained to pick the most familiar option over-and-over-and-over again. If I see information from a hospital in the same place regularly, and that experience satisfies what my body and mind need, I’m going to go back. If I’ve had a good experience with a doctor there, I’m not going to shop around. And the more I go back, the more I’ll continue to go back, as long as the hospital doesn’t change its brand too drastically or move to Oklahoma.

But getting access so that you can relay this information consistently is the key, and there’s nothing more accessible than that little computer in your pocket (or your hand if you’re reading this while waiting to see your doctor).

Under stress, people generally don’t want to experiment. When the chips are down, we go with what feels right; and what feels right is what’s familiar.

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