Effective, Targeted Messaging

Posted on Oct 20, 2016 | No Comments
Effective, <i>Targeted</i> Messaging

The path to the November 8 elections has been an ugly one in so many ways, including a high proportion of negative messaging in its tsunami of TV ads. According to NPR, an estimated 4.4 billion dollars (with a “b!”) will have been spent on TV advertising when the polls close. But how much are those commercials accomplishing? Of course, that varies.

In the negative tone of this election cycle, it’s especially refreshing to see a TV spot that is attention-getting and effective. I’m talking about Jason Kander’s commercial in which he assembles a rifle while blindfolded, in answer to Senator Roy Blunt’s attacks on his gun regulation positions. Is that grandstanding? Sort of— but it’s grandstanding with a purpose.

This ad works at multiple levels, showing and telling viewers that Jason Kander is confident and competent with firearms, and concerned about the safety of others. Will it make a difference with gun owners or people who sympathize with them? Who knows. But it does convey his courage and dedication, in a way that dispels an attack against him while the viewer sits in awe.

Awe. Not many campaign ads accomplish that feat— it takes guts, and the message was supported by the stunt, not irrelevant to it.

Top marks.

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