For Goodness’ Sake

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For Goodness’ Sake

Last week we unveiled the fifth installment of our ‘Kansas City: Made By’ series. In previous portraits we had conversations with people in KC who take the lead at the institutions that make our community so rich (Matthew Naylor of the National World War One Museum and Memorial, Devon Carney of the KC Ballet, and so on). But this time, we reversed the formula and followed a native son of the city who has started something on his own that is making KC better in an innovative way.

To be clear, Kansas City has its fair share of problems. That we have an abundance of huge-souled people who are committed to tackling these persistent issues is easily half of what makes us so great. Without these committed community leaders, the center would not hold, and we would become St. Louis.

And this dedication passes from one generation to the next— exemplified perfectly in Max Kaniger and his new venture: Kanbe’s Markets. At age 26, Max has launched a plan to bring “water” to the “food desert” in Kansas City. We followed him for a morning on his rounds, supplying corner shops with fresh produce in Kansas City’s urban core.

Then we released his video in an email and on our Facebook page— and then it exploded.

The Max video was by far the most popular installment of our series, getting upwards of 10,000 views in just a day. People were overjoyed to see someone stepping up to bring a beneficial service to neighborhoods of KC that aren’t just overlooked, but are avoided.

You can see it all in the video: Max’s passion, his vision, and his commitment to getting it right and learning from his clients. He has since been featured in an article in Feast magazine, which he tells us was a direct result of the video.

Good ideas spread, as long as the message does them justice. We were proud to have made a difference for this worthy food warrior and his customers.

Post by Ben.

Photo credit Emery Way.