Don’t Get Mad, Get Paid

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 | No Comments
Don’t Get Mad, Get Paid

There are certain things that life throws at you. Sometimes those things are truly unexpected, and it takes you months to even comprehend the reality of what has happened. Take that anxiety, and turn it into excellence.

At work, you get a miracle opportunity to push all that grief aside for eight (more or less) glorious hours and concentrate on something outside yourself. It’s not going to do the trick all the time. Depending on what the cause of the upheaval is (a breakup, an election that people may be only a little upset about, or a life event that you can’t control) you might not be able to continue at the same efficiency. And that’s ok— you’re not a robot.

Louis Armstrong credited work as the single most transformative thing in his life. Old Satchmo practiced for hours and hours a day, and you can be certain that there was no shortage of pain or controversy in his 69 years.

It wasn’t that he was able to achieve such excellence despite the pressures of his life; it’s precisely work that made those things manageable.

So the next time you see a headline or get a text or a piece of mail that makes you want to smash an antique, don’t get mad: Get paid.

Post by Ben.

Photo by Boris Baldinger.