Build the Breakout Video

Posted on Apr 3, 2017 | No Comments
Build the Breakout Video

Last week, we explored a few of the realities of our supersaturated media landscape, and the picture looked both daunting and optimistic. The firehose of media never, ever stops— but if you’ve got good content, a beloved brand, and you keep plugging away, your followers will continue to build on that buzz.

But how do you do that?

How can a traditional business compete on the Internet with Jimmy Kimmel?

1. Hire professionals to help you.
2. ALWAYS set a target audience.
3. Invest in what you’re doing.

Let’s take this step by step.

1. Hire professionals to help you: I’ve been to more, “Make videos like Google in five easy steps” seminars than I can stomach to tell you. These seminars are frequented by people who could really use professional production help, but they would much rather figure out how to break the code of the ice bucket challenge without spending any money.

Dirty little secret: There is no code. Creating organic engagement is not like SEO 1.0, when you just needed to use keywords to get on page one of Google (not even SEO works like that these days).

What they end up with are cookie cutter videos that get zero traction. A professional production company can give you content that looks and sounds unique.

2. Always set a target audience: Asking people to like and share your content is like Jeb Bush standing before a crowd and saying, “Please, clap.” It’s not something you should have to do.

Because each successive generation is getting even more specific content designed exclusively for them, you need to think strategically about who your audience is. If you’re going to create a video for male urban professionals between the ages of 22 and 32, you’re going to have to know what voices and visual cues they’ll respond to.

Then, make a series for them.

3. Invest in what you’re doing: You’re not looking for a flash in the pan, and chances are, even if the first video you make is utterly on-point, you might not catch a wave with trend setters for a bit. And then what?

Are you going to spend money to make professional videos, and then stop and leave the conversation? You just started.

Sound exhausting? It doesn’t have to be. That’s why you’ve got a professional production company to make this content for you, on time and on budget.

Internet fame awaits.

Post by Ben.

Photo by The Pug Father via Flickr Creative Commons.