Be the buzz. Videos on social media are the most effective way to engage your clients online.

It’s part of an unfolding communications revolution: teenagers snapping videos of their trip to the supermarket; NPR streaming live video of some of the world’s biggest stories on Facebook; and product videos that are so fun and creative they go viral.

Fact: Video is the most engaging content you can put online, but less than 1 percent of organizations use it on a regular basis? Why?

Stage fright, budget woes, or just plain don’t know how to do it?
Proffer Productions will get you online and in your customers’ heads.

We are your adaptive video partner for this social media age.

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    The path to the November 8 elections has been an ugly one in so many ways, including a high proportion of negative messaging in its tsunami of TV ads. According to NPR, an estimated 4.4 billion dollars (with a “b!”) will have been spent on TV advertising when the polls close. But how much are […]

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  • September 1, 2016

    That’s the window of time you have to get your audience’s attention, whether that’s on social media, an email, you name it— ten seconds. And that’s being generous.